PACOMERI是自然主义生物化妆品专业制造企业, 是追求合理价位名品的平价奢华(MASSTIGE)化妆品品牌。


  • 2020
    [2019~Present Expansion of Overseas Markets and Social return Project]

    YEAR 2020 Present

    - Established overseas Corporation in Thailand and India
    - Delivered 1 million hand sanitizers to the Hong Kong government
    - Contract to supply hand sanitizer to Domestic Governments and Public Institutions in Korea
    - Contributed KF94 Masks to 15 hospitals, including Caritas, Hong Kong.
    - Launched Natural Bio Skin Care Line, Science Cell Brand with new Products
    - Signed an export contract for China's online Door-to-Door Sales

  • 2019

    YEAR 2019

    - Signed MOU with New Life Welfare Foundation
    - Launched a Social Enterprise Online Shopping Mall Reshop

  • 2018
    [Reinforced Management Strategy in 2018]

    YEAR 2018

    - Operating 30 beauty stay stores Nationwide
    - Launched Hair & Scalp Professional Care Products
    - Promoted export cooperation with Russia, Thailand and India

  • 2017
    [Entering the Domestic and International Market in 2017]

    YEAR 2017

    - A Joint Venture with Tanxi Group China in Beauty business
    - Launched Beauty Stay in Ulsan Mega Mart
    - Launched Beauty Stay products on NS Home Shopping
    - Launched Scalp Care Brand Beer Peel, with functional Shampoo for Hair Loss
    - Business technology partnership for H&B inner beauty business with Maekyung Health

  • 2016
    [2016 Launched Domestic Franchise Business]

    YEAR 2016

    - Sponsored KBS drama "Funny Family" and "Beautiful Mind"
    - Awarded the Best Luxury Goods Awards Selected by Women for 2 consecutive years
    - Selected as an excellent company for customer satisfaction in 2016 by the Korean Journalists Association
    - Anguk Health Technology Business Agreement
    - Over 42 Pacomeri Beauty Stay Agencies and Franchises
    - Entered Store in Sehyangjijiang Introduced by Zhengzhou, China
    - Certification of Offline Lifelong Education Center Facilities
    - New product release of KyungSungHoo Cordyceps whitening cream

  • 2015
    [2015 Launched Beauty Stay Brand]

    YEAR 2015

    - Sponsored KBS drama "Funny Family" and "Beautiful Mind"
    - Pacomeri Beauty Stay franchise brand launched
    - Obtained Chinese license
    - Awarded the best luxury goods selected by women

  • 2014
    [2007~2014 Expanded Overseas Sales Market]

    YEAR 2014

    - Industry-Academic Agreement with KAT Corporation International Scalp Hair Association
    - Certified facilities for Remote Lifelong Education Centers
    -Signed an export contract with HeeSang Palace in China
    - Registered as an Excellent Member of the KAT International Scalp Hair Association

  • 2013

    YEAR 2013

    - Exclusive contract for cosmetics line with Shenzhen Esthete Technology
    - MOU Agreement with MaeDokGae China
    - MOU Agreement with VITAWAY Thailand
    - MOU Agreement with LQ Group Co., Ltd.
    - MOU Agreement with Yumi Technology Co., Ltd.
    - MOU Agreement with Wego Holdings, Philippines
    - Aired in MBC ECONOMY, Overseas Market Episode

  • 2012

    YEAR 2012

    - Operate 46 directly managed stores nationwide
    - Export Contract with SHINSHIN CO.,Ltd
    - MOU Agreement with Kazakhstan ADEPT TRADING
    - MOU Agreement with UNITED VAN SERVICES in Nigeria

  • 2011

    YEAR 2011

    - MOU Agreement with ShinShin Medical Devices in Vietnam
    - HANA I&T MOU Agreement
    - Sponsor contract of the Korea Women's Golf Association

  • 2010

    YEAR 2010

    - MOU Agreement with Hong Kong Manbang Group
    - Agreement with CAHA in Russia

  • 2009

    YEAR 2009

    - MOU with Alikafsha, Iran for export to the Middle East

  • 2008

    YEAR 2008

    -The 4th Cosmetic Brand Grand Award
    -Sales Partnership with RANCE
    -Participated in World Cosmetics Fair (Shanghai, China)
    -Started exporting Pacomeri products to Singapore

  • 2007

    YEAR 2007

    - Awarded from the Director of the National Tax Service in commemoration of the founding of the Korean Women Employers Association
    - Signed an Industry-Academy Agreement Between Pacomeri & Chosun University of Science and Technology.

  • 2006
    [Activation of direct domestic stores in 2006]

    YEAR 2006

    - Operating 25 direct management stores in Korea
    - Awarded with Presidential Citation at the National Small Business Small Business Contest

  • 2005
    [Established Pacomeri in 2005]

    YEAR 2005

    - Opened 19 directly Managed Stores Nationwide
    - Launched Beauty Device Marycare



排除人工或刺激性要素, 通过从自然提取的天然原料和对身体有益的发酵技术, 守护皮肤的健康。


追求与自然和动物共存的生活, 并积极地适用可再利用的生态设计。

30多年的 业绩