PACOMERI is a company specialized in manufacturing natural bio cosmetics. As the MASSTIGE cosmetics brand, PACOMERI pursues to be a masterpiece brand in reasonable price.


  • 2020
    [2019~Present Expansion of Overseas Markets and Social return Project]

    YEAR 2020 Present

    - Established overseas Corporation in Thailand and India
    - Delivered 1 million hand sanitizers to the Hong Kong government
    - Contract to supply hand sanitizer to Domestic Governments and Public Institutions in Korea
    - Contributed KF94 Masks to 15 hospitals, including Caritas, Hong Kong.
    - Launched Natural Bio Skin Care Line, Science Cell Brand with new Products
    - Signed an export contract for China's online Door-to-Door Sales

  • 2019

    YEAR 2019

    - Signed MOU with New Life Welfare Foundation
    - Launched a Social Enterprise Online Shopping Mall Reshop

  • 2018
    [Reinforced Management Strategy in 2018]

    YEAR 2018

    - Operating 30 beauty stay stores Nationwide
    - Launched Hair & Scalp Professional Care Products
    - Promoted export cooperation with Russia, Thailand and India

  • 2017
    [Entering the Domestic and International Market in 2017]

    YEAR 2017

    - A Joint Venture with Tanxi Group China in Beauty business
    - Launched Beauty Stay in Ulsan Mega Mart
    - Launched Beauty Stay products on NS Home Shopping
    - Launched Scalp Care Brand Beer Peel, with functional Shampoo for Hair Loss
    - Business technology partnership for H&B inner beauty business with Maekyung Health

  • 2016
    [2016 Launched Domestic Franchise Business]

    YEAR 2016

    - Sponsored KBS drama "Funny Family" and "Beautiful Mind"
    - Awarded the Best Luxury Goods Awards Selected by Women for 2 consecutive years
    - Selected as an excellent company for customer satisfaction in 2016 by the Korean Journalists Association
    - Anguk Health Technology Business Agreement
    - Over 42 Pacomeri Beauty Stay Agencies and Franchises
    - Entered Store in Sehyangjijiang Introduced by Zhengzhou, China
    - Certification of Offline Lifelong Education Center Facilities
    - New product release of KyungSungHoo Cordyceps whitening cream

  • 2015
    [2015 Launched Beauty Stay Brand]

    YEAR 2015

    - Sponsored KBS drama "Funny Family" and "Beautiful Mind"
    - Pacomeri Beauty Stay franchise brand launched
    - Obtained Chinese license
    - Awarded the best luxury goods selected by women

  • 2014
    [2007~2014 Expanded Overseas Sales Market]

    YEAR 2014

    - Industry-Academic Agreement with KAT Corporation International Scalp Hair Association
    - Certified facilities for Remote Lifelong Education Centers
    -Signed an export contract with HeeSang Palace in China
    - Registered as an Excellent Member of the KAT International Scalp Hair Association

  • 2013

    YEAR 2013

    - Exclusive contract for cosmetics line with Shenzhen Esthete Technology
    - MOU Agreement with MaeDokGae China
    - MOU Agreement with VITAWAY Thailand
    - MOU Agreement with LQ Group Co., Ltd.
    - MOU Agreement with Yumi Technology Co., Ltd.
    - MOU Agreement with Wego Holdings, Philippines
    - Aired in MBC ECONOMY, Overseas Market Episode

  • 2012

    YEAR 2012

    - Operate 46 directly managed stores nationwide
    - Export Contract with SHINSHIN CO.,Ltd
    - MOU Agreement with Kazakhstan ADEPT TRADING
    - MOU Agreement with UNITED VAN SERVICES in Nigeria

  • 2011

    YEAR 2011

    - MOU Agreement with ShinShin Medical Devices in Vietnam
    - HANA I&T MOU Agreement
    - Sponsor contract of the Korea Women's Golf Association

  • 2010

    YEAR 2010

    - MOU Agreement with Hong Kong Manbang Group
    - Agreement with CAHA in Russia

  • 2009

    YEAR 2009

    - MOU with Alikafsha, Iran for export to the Middle East

  • 2008

    YEAR 2008

    -The 4th Cosmetic Brand Grand Award
    -Sales Partnership with RANCE
    -Participated in World Cosmetics Fair (Shanghai, China)
    -Started exporting Pacomeri products to Singapore

  • 2007

    YEAR 2007

    - Awarded from the Director of the National Tax Service in commemoration of the founding of the Korean Women Employers Association
    - Signed an Industry-Academy Agreement Between Pacomeri & Chosun University of Science and Technology.

  • 2006
    [Activation of direct domestic stores in 2006]

    YEAR 2006

    - Operating 25 direct management stores in Korea
    - Awarded with Presidential Citation at the National Small Business Small Business Contest

  • 2005
    [Established Pacomeri in 2005]

    YEAR 2005

    - Opened 19 directly Managed Stores Nationwide
    - Launched Beauty Device Marycare


We make safe products for the skin.

Our products protect the skin health by containing nature-derived natural ingredients and fermentation technology beneficial to the body while avoiding artificial and stimulating elements.

We make safe products for the nature.

We pursue co-existing life with nature and animal and pursue recyclable eco design.

30 Years of Experience in Cosmetics Field

1st Generation Star in Korean Cosmetics History


Holds About 180 Excellent Recipes


Fermentation Technology for Strengthening Skin Absorption Rate and Immunity