Hello, this is Hyeongmi Park, the president of natural bio cosmetics company, PACOMERI.

Over half of my life has been the story and life with cosmetics.

My whole life was about delivering the value of beauty.

My philosophy on make-up is ‘Cosmetics is the Self-Love’
Make-up is about becoming oneself. People who love themselves never give up to develop. People who put on make-up every morning create today and dream about the tomorrow.
The moment of putting on make-up every day is to reborn as oneself different from tomorrow.
Make-up is the love for oneself and attitude for respecting others. People waking up early in the morning put on make-up of the day to get spotlighted the most.

Make-up comes from the effort of not giving up oneself. How long we can put on make-up is the expression of desire for life and sincere attitude for life.

Good make-up makes good person! Good make-up is the expression of being true to oneself!
Good make-up is the external expression of untiring desire for life with love for oneself and love for others!

As a natural bio cosmetics company, PACOMERI leads good cosmetics by combining natural ingredients and innovative lactic acid bacteria fermentation science together.

Thank you.

“I didn’t sell cosmetics. What I sold were women’s beauty, dream, vision, and confidence”

From an ordinary housewife to a legendary figure