New products

SCIENCELL made by combining natural marine ingredients with bio cold fermentation science delivers astonishing marine vitality and healthy beauty to skin.

Special care

Our products will intensively care the trouble skin, provide nutrition and moisture deep inside the skin, and protect the skin from external UV rays.


Removes remaining dead skin cells and unnecessary wastes on skin to make clean and fresh skin.

Hair care

Hair therapy product removes dead skin cells on scalp and contains plant extracts such as licorice, rehmannia chinensis root, and dioscorea japonica root to make voluminous hair.

Body care

Helps caring body texture and body line healthily and beautifully.

Mask pack

Sheet mask fits perfectly on skin curves and evenly delivers nutrition and moisture to the whole skin.

Make up

Covers skin perfectly, provides natural feeling, and makes the skin look vital and glowing.

Beauty appliance

Thermo-massager made of eco-friendly ingredient enhances blood circulation and helps enhancing skin elasticity.